Initial assessment (form that can be emailed to you and completed at your convenience prior to our first session) and your first workout session are FREE.

And you're in luck: Payment for future workout sessions and nutrition guidance range from are $50/hour. Yep, you're getting my expertise to achieve the physique of your dreams for a price that you can actually afford! 

This isn't one of those you-get-what-you-pay-for arrangements: My fitness and nutrition knowledge are of Yoda-caliber in terms of expertise (I've been an endorphin junkie since I started running track in 2nd grade), but I'm fairly new to the personal training world and am still harnessing my Jedi powers. I need initial clients to show my versatility as a trainer.

Your success is my success.

In addition to the payment we negotiate, all I ask is that I'm able to document our progress starting with anonymous "Before" pictures (and initial measurements or initial weight, depending on your individual starting point and goals), and eventually "After" pictures (with follow up measurements and/or weight).

The first clients I've trained have already achieved results (see for yourself), but until I've worked with an army of clients and proven my abilities, I'm willing to offer my services for a puny price. I would love to train you for free, but the reality of living expenses forces me to charge at least a small amount.

Get it while you can.